Monday, 10 August 2009

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

We did it!!!

We made it into Rome at midnight on the dot, tired, hungry but very happy at our achievement. the last day had been a final push with a trip into Venice that we had missed the day before. We left Sottomarina on a ferry and travelled the two hours to Venice for a very quick walk round. We then found that the next ferry was not until the evening so a mad panic to get a taxi boat to the bus station and jump on a bus. Unfortunately no one told us you had to pay before you get on and the ticket inspector started to issue £40 fines to each of us. After a little persuasion we managed to get him to only issue 3 fines, rather than 6, followed by lots of hysterical laughter. We named Friday 'Fail day'

When we finally got back and on the road to Rome we had to stop to help a fellow team mate who had overheated and run out of oil. 3 of us were in convoy on the hard shoulder until the police came screaming up behind us. Toby and Tom from our co team Pizza di Action got out to talk to them only to be screamed at by two gun wielding police men to 'get back in GO GO GO' and escorted us off the motorway. Once they realised we were in trouble they pointed us to the nearest petrol station and were very helpful, despite the guns.

So we finally reached Rome at midnight, had a quick shower and went to find the other teams. We had completely missed the final ceremony at 8pm and could only find one other, rather drunk, team in Rome.

The next day we did a bus tour of Rome and stopped off at the Colosseum, which was amazing. The boys then went to try and scrap Pizza di action's Saab whilst myself and Amy sat and had a glass of wine. 3 hours and three bottles later the boys returned, having been unsuccessful at scrapping the car and scarred for life having driven through the scary parts of Rome! We then had some food and more wine and told stories with some Texan guys that were doing a tour as well. One of our guys challenged the three of them to a drinking contest, having argued their comment that UK folk cant handle their drink. Keep in mind that these guys were BIG American guys, our representative, Tom did rather well! The kindly donated some money towards petrol to get the cars home.

The next day Stu, Amy and I all jumped on a plane home while Toby, Tom and Lisa began the long drive home in both cars. We had word today that they are home safe and sleeping for a few days.

All in all a wonderful trip - exhausting, hot and mentally challenging but some amazing memories. thanks to my co driver Stu and to the wonderful people we met on the trip who made it such a wonderful adventure!

Friday, 31 July 2009

Day 5

Just done a very fast march around Venice - realised the next boat back to hotel was at 5pm and we have to be in Rome for 7! Took a taxi boat along grand canal and jumped on a bus! A mini adventure!

Day 4 update

Today has really lifted everyones spirits. Yesterday felt really down and claustrophobic from ebing in such a big place and taking in so much but from a small confined and very hot place. Today however was the Stig water fight and I think that having 80 people come together as a team, all dressed in ridiculous outfits and having childish fun made me realise that we were all in this together and a team to the end.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Day 4 Update

Currently driving up Stelvio - very cool but a bit cold!

Day 4

Spent the last hour dressed as The Stig with 90 other Stigs having a water fight!! Best bit so far and then a tour round the town escorted by the police - who loved it all - and cheered out of town! On to Venice!!!!

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Day 3 Update

This is not a relaxing holiday! For anyone that may feel sponsoring us to leisurely drive around is very much mistaken. It's so hot in the car and 35 degrees outside! This is such hard work, hours of concentration and the toll on eyes, arms, legs and brains is starting to show. Beautiful scenary but almost hard to enjoy the moment. Nearly at Lake Como so covered a fair way today. We need your support now more than ever!